February 21, 2011


An awesome trip with great friends. We had so much fun!!

These boys are like the 4 musketeers, they were practically inseparable the whole time we were there.

We didn't let the rain slow us down!

Tower of Terror, my favorite ride! (a picture of a picture on a monitor...I was too cheap to buy it)

On the second night the girls snuck back in for some kid free fun on the rides!

The kids begged for these giant turkey legs for 3 days. Only Nate was able to finish his...the rest of us thought they were pretty disgusting!

Freezing at the World of Color Show...but totally worth it!

February 20, 2011

Maon's 5th month

Mason discovered and learned a lot of new things this month. It's been a fun month watching him grow and develop.

He loves to play with and eat his toes.

He's getting real good at holding onto his toys.

He LOVES eating. He always seems to know when we're eating and wants a taste. He's had ice cream, smoothie, yogurt, potatoes, banana & yes, that's a pickle. He loved it and screamed when I made Haley take it out of his mouth. Don't worry, he's getting his cereal & veggies too.

He likes hanging out in his saucer & the highchair. And we already have the first "falling asleep in the highchair" picture. We have pictures of all my kids sleeping in the highchair. I think they're so cute.

This was the first time he rolled from his back to his belly (Cell phone pic - bad quality)

There's something about a chubby baby in a onesie that just makes me melt!

He loves his brothers and his sissy & they adore him.

Oh I love this little guy!