April 28, 2011

More Softball

Yesterday was the last softball game of the season. The Varsity coach asked Haley to play with them and she was totally psyched! Unfortunately the game was really close so he never put her in but she had a great time just being there and wearing the Varsity jersey. I couldn't believe the difference between the Varsity and JV teams. These girls are definitely on a whole different level of playing than the JV girls. She's got a lot of work to do before next season if she wants a shot at making Varsity.

During the National Anthem.

After the game the girls sang Carry On. It almost brought me to tears and I was surprised how much of the song I remembered. It's been 20 years since I sang that song.

Now she gets a month off to relax before summer ball starts. Not looking forward to those games!

April 26, 2011

Mason 8 months

Here's a look at my sweet little guy at 8 months.

He desperately needs a haircut!

He's still not crawling. I think his minor leg injury set him back a few weeks.

Here he is holding that leg up. So sad!

I'm starting to give him more solid foods. He loves those little star puffs and these baby rice cakes.

He's now bathing in the kitchen sink instead of the bathtub. It's easier to control the water and keep it out of his ears. He got an ear infection after his tubes were put in and I thought it might be because I was getting water in his ears. No infections since I put him in the sink!

Tammie gave me this costume thinking Mason could wear it next Halloween. I don't think it's gonna fit him in 4 months! Too bad cause it's super cute!!

Hanging out at his brother's baseball games. He loves being outside!

This is the timeout basket. Yes I put my 8 month old in timeout. Well, not really, but this is where I put him when he's fussing and doesn't want to be on the ground or in the highchair or in his walker. He just wants me, but of course I'm in the middle of something and just need a few more minutes to finish up. So in the basket he goes...he loves it! I don't know what it is about it but I can usually get 15-20 minutes of happy time out of him. It's my secret weapon and I only use it when I really need it. Whatever works right!

He love's his daddy and gets so excited when he comes home from work!

He still only has two teeth and we're working real hard at getting him to sleep through the night. All of his ear infections really messed up his sleeping schedule. But he does take two good naps during the day, usually about 2 1/2 hrs. each. He weighs about 21 lbs and he's wearing 18-24 month size clothes. That's for his length, he's so tall. It's hard to believe how fast he's growing up!

A Bad Day

Yesterday was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! It started out with Jake waking up feeling sick, so he stayed home from school. Then Mason fell off my bed (about a 3 foot drop) and hurt his leg. I thought for sure it was broke so off to the urgent care we went (with no insurance). Thanks to my very bestest friend Jill who came over and sat with all the babies so both Larry and I could go. The x-rays showed no break so we were quite relieved. But he won't put any weight on it and he crys if you push on or squeeze his shin. The Dr. said it was a deep tissue bruise but there is no visible sign of an injury anywhere. So for now we are just treating it with Motrin and hopefully in a couple of days he'll be back to scooting around on the floor.

Every time you stand him up he lifts that leg up, its so cute but so sad.

Then later that day I went to pick up Haley from softball practice and she had a fat, bloody lip. I wish I could say that she got clocked in the face by a ball or a bat but unfortunately it's not that cool of a story. She actually got hit with a piece of ice, thrown by the COACH of all people. After practice some of the girls dumped the igloo of ice water over the coach's head. There were big clumps of ice that were stuck together so she picked one up and threw it at the fence thinking it would just shatter and fall to the ground but one small piece made it through and hit Haley who was sitting in the bleachers watching all the action. That coach has one heck of an arm...it hit her so hard that her lip was stuck in her braces. She said they just had to wait for the swelling to go down before they could pry it loose...OUCH!!!!

The inside of her lip looks worse than the outside. It's all purple and cut up. I made her smile for the camera even though she said it hurt to smile...I'm such a mean mom.

It breaks my heart to see my babies hurting. I hope they both heal up fast!!

And I hope today is a much better day!!!

April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

The neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and Breakfast

Mason loved all the Eggs!

Dying easter eggs.

Well that's all I got. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of them in their Sunday clothes. They were a very good looking bunch of kids.

April 22, 2011

He's almost got it. He gets up on all fours and rocks but he hasn't quit figured out yet how to move those arms and crawl. He can even sit up from a laying position, although I haven't seen him do it yet. I've left him lying on the floor and next thing I know he's sitting up...I keep missing it. I'm sure that within the next couple of weeks he'll have it down and be crawling all over the place.

April 18, 2011


It seems like the only person I've been blogging about lately is Mason. So here's a look at what the rest of us have been up to.


Haley had an orchestra concert. All the pieces performed were from Broadway Musicals. Haley's group played Fiddler on the Roof, Sound of Music and Phantom of the Opera. It was a fun concert.


Haley made JV Softball for Mesa High. She's been doing a great job and has improved her skill a lot this year. Her main positions are catcher and 3rd but she has also played short and 1st. I love watching her play and wish I could go to more of the games. The season is almost over and then she has plans to take some softball clinics over the summer and play summer ball.

Down and ready at 3rd

Awesome hit into the outfield...was a double


The baseball season is well under way. Nate and Jake are both playing and this is their first year in the majors. They were both drafted by the Phillies. Nate plays catcher and Jake plays 2nd base and outfield. Nate Jake Their record is 4-2. They're off to a good start!

Sing It

Jakes school put on a spring "Sing It" concert. Each class picked 2-3 songs to sing and has been working real hard since the beginning of the year learning them. They not only had to learn the words, they had to learn how to sing with emotion. Part of their homework was to watch an episode of American Idol so they could see how to sing and move and show emotion all at once. I guess too many of them (the boys especially) would just stand their like a pole barely moving their mouths. It turned out to be the best elementary school concert I've ever been too. All the kids did a great job and they all seemed to really enjoy being up there on the stage. Jakes class sang Count on Me by Bruno Mars, Fireflies by Owl City and Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars. They dedicated Just the Way You Are to Christina Taylor Green, the 9 year old girl killed in the Tucson shooting last January. This was her favorite song. It was very emotional and several people, me included, were in tears by the end of it. I have a video of it but it's to big to upload, dangit!

April 5, 2011

Mason 7 months

Mason just went in for what should have been his 6 month well check. But because he's been so sick with all the ear infections we were a month behind. He's 7 months old now. Boy how the time has flown by! It has been wonderful and exhausting all at the same time. We have really enjoyed having another baby in the house. The kids all adore him and it's been so nice having all the extra help with him. Even with all the ear infections he's been a really good baby. He's happy all the time and smiles at everyone. He takes 2-3 good naps a day and we're working on getting his nighttime sleeping habits back to normal after the ear tubes. He's at the fun age where he's learning all kinds of new stuff. Part of me wants him to grow up because this baby stage is so tiring but the other part of me wants him to stay a baby forever. I love snuggling with him and kissing him all over. He's so soft and squishy and has that yummy baby smell that I just love. When he puts his hands on my face or buries his head in my shoulder my heart just melts. We love him so much and feel so blessed that he is part of our lives.

Weight - 19 lbs 9 oz (75%)
Height - 29" (95%)
Head - 17 3/4" (50-75%) guess he's finally growing into that tiny head

Here's a look at the last month

First two teeth - 6 months exactly

I love that he can be down on the floor with the other kids now and I'm not so afraid of him getting squished. He's eating 3 times a day now and loves everything I feed him. This is such a relief because several of my other kids were picky eaters and I was dreading this whole process of solid foods. Thankfully Larry kind of forced my hand on the issue or he might still be on the bottle only. He's graduated from the baby bathtub to the bath chair. He sits up now. He's still kind of wobbly but getting better everyday.

And when I'm cooking or working in the kitchen he still likes his bumbo chair. He even managed to fall asleep in the bumbo the other day. He is just so dang cute and we love him to death!