December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

This year was a little different because Larry had to work on Christmas. He left Christmas Eve morning and was gone for 4 days. We let the kids open one gift before he left and I did take pictures but I can't find them anywhere (I must have deleted them). We were all so sad to say goodbye and I don't think it's ever been harder for him to leave.

Christmas Eve night we put out our luminaries. For as long as I can remember (at least 20 years) this neighborhood has done luminaries on Christmas Eve. The Youth in the Wards distribute them to all the houses earlier in the week and then each house puts them out and lights them on Christmas Eve night. It is so neat to drive through the neighborhood and see it all lit up.

Then we decided that since dad was gone we would go stay the night at Grandmas house and leave a note for Santa under the tree and tell him where to find us. Well, it was a great idea but it made mom's job a bit harder. I had to run home 3 times to get things (gifts, stockings) that I forgot (good thing we just live around the corner) and when my kids woke up at 5 am I had to get up and keep them quiet until grandma and the cousins woke up closer to 7. I think next year we'll stay home! But, of course, Santa was very good to everyone.

Nate & Jake got Nintendo DS's, Madden 1o for the Wii, Cardinals Jersey's, remote control helicopters and a Red Ryder BB Gun (hope they don't shoot their eye out)!

Haley got boots, a purse, and stuff for her room.

Jaxson got a guitar, a dinosaur adventureland, legos, puzzles, and a stuffed Clifford dog.

After we were done opening Santa's gifts we headed over to Grandpa Willie and Grandma Darlene's house to open gifts and eat Darlene's traditional YUMMY Christmas breakfast. The kids were all anxious for their gifts but they patiently waited while Grandpa passed them out.

Then when it was grandpa's turn to open his gifts he let the grandkids help.

Then it was back to grandma Patti's house to open her gifts. I was tired of taking pictures at this point so I've got nothing.

We then had a few hours until dinner at my sisters so we hung out at home and the kids played with their gifts. I love what Christmas does to your house. It looks like a tornado came through here.

And poor Jaxson was exhausted. I had a hard time waking him up for dinner. Crazy kid won't ever sleep somewhere normal!

It was another great Christmas but we missed dad terribly and hopefully he'll never have to miss another Christmas again (in our dreams)!

December 22, 2009

Orchestra Concerts

We attended two orchestra concerts last week. The first was Nate's. He started playing the Cello this year and really likes it. This was his very first concert and he did great.

Then over to Haley's. I never get good concert pictures (too dark and too far away) so here is her professional one. I'm so glad she has continued to play (with a little prodding from me) through Jr. High. She is getting really good and has started playing outside of school. She played a special number for Young Women in Excellence and played with the ward choir for the Christmas program.

December 12, 2009

Meagan's Baby Shower

My baby sister is having her first baby and we threw her a baby shower. We did a Dr. Suess theme and it turned out so cute. I take no credit for the decorations, it was all Jill's doing. All I did was donate a few books and bring the blue easter grass (for water) and the Swedish Fish.

I did make this sign. It's the first wood project I've done in years. I had to dust off the saw and dig out the old paints for it.

Some of these pink puffs were edible. They were red velvet cake pops. Very Yummy!

I loved the green deviled eggs, they were tasty!

All the sisters went in and gave her this rocker.

My step-mom, Darlene, made this super cute diaper cake.

And here's the most important part of the shower, the mom-to-be!

All my sisters that were at the shower. It's missing a few of us. There are so many of us I don't think we'll ever get one of everyone.

November 30, 2009


Friday after Thanksgiving we headed up to Pine with some friends to stay in their cabin. It was supposed to be just an overnight trip but turned into a couple of nights. We had a wedding Saturday night that we needed to be home for but the kids (and the men) didn't want to leave so LeAnn and I drove back down to the valley, went to the wedding and then drove back to Pine that night. It was a fun, crazy adventure. We love hanging out with the Haslams and our kids love playing together. We always have so much fun when we're together.

This was the view from the deck. It was beautiful.

Haley driving the Rhino.

I love these girls!

We celebrated Noah's birthday while we were there.

These two are best buds and big dorks!

Sunday morning we woke up to snow and fog.

We had a great time and hopefully we can do it again some day!

November 20, 2009

New Moon

Yes, I saw the midnight showing. Thank goodness I have a teenage daughter to use as my excuse. I loved it! It was so much better than Twilight and actually followed the book pretty well. They did change a few parts but it only made the movie better.

My crazy sisters showed up at the theater around 4:00 to save our seats. Then we all met at Chili's for dinner and then back to the theater for a double feature, Twilight then New Moon. I've never been in a movie where the audience it totally insane, crazy, screaming, going nuts... I can't even describe it. It was fun & hilarious. I'm glad my friends (LeAnn) bought me a ticket and then told me I was going, cause I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

LeAnn had these cupcakes made and brought them over before the movie (she's a little obsessed). They're too cute to eat!

I didn't have any cool Jacob or Edward garb so I stole one of LeAnn's buttons, it's OK, she still had two left -- did I say obsessed?

Hanging out waiting for the movie to start.

Now the real question. Team Edward or Team Jacob? After last night I might have to switch teams.

First time we saw this on the screen there was no screaming like I was anticipating, just one big collective SIGH!

November 7, 2009

Nate's 10th Birthday Party

Nate wanted to have a campout for his birthday so he invited some friends over and we roasted hotdogs and marshmallows around the fire pit in the back yard.

We had cake and opened some fun gifts.

Then we rolled out our sleeping bags in the basement.

It was a super fun birthday!

November 6, 2009

Haley's Science Project

Haley had to make a model of an animal cell for her biology class. She's so creative and loves doing things like this. She's always on the ball, getting it done early and doing more than is required to make it as good as she can.

The finished project. This better earn her an A+ after the time she put into it and the $ I put into it