July 30, 2009

Mamma's Campout

Last week the mama's packed up the kids and all the camping gear and headed to the mountains for three days. Well, it wasn't exactly the mountains. We went to Sedona and camped in a really nice campground that had a creek running through it and was only 5 minutes from town. According to my count we had 12 mama's & 42 kids - NO DAD'S - but some of the other girls who have already blogged about this have different numbers. I think there were so many of us it was impossible to get an accurate count.

The Hanna's got off to a ruff start. We had to make a potty stop on the way there so we got separated from the group and then I couldn't find the turn-off to the campground. I spent about 30 minutes driving back and forth along the same 2 mile stretch of road before I finally got someone on their cell to help me out. Then I had a hard time putting up my tent (something I've never done by myself before), my adaptor for my air mattress pump wouldn't work, I had a dead battery in the van, I fell in the creek in my clothes (which really wasn't too bad because I thought I was going to melt from the heat), I set my tent up on an ant hill and had to move it, I burned my arm on the lantern (that one's gonna leave a scar) and I failed to close my food tote all the way when it rained and all my dry stuff got wet. Honestly, by the end of the first day I just wanted to go home. But thanks to great friends and a decent nights sleep (which never happens while I'm camping) the next day was great.

We had quite a campsite.

We spent our day hiking and playing in the caves.

Playing in the creek.

Just hanging out.

Digging in the dirt and making cool Stick Art.

Roasting marshmallows & magically making them disappear (not by eating them).

You'd think it would be my 4 year old who had the dirtiest face but no, it was my 8 year old, who always has a dirty face -- even at home. He kind of looks a bit crazy here.

A little stick pulling.

Making new friends -- this is only one of the two tarantulas we saw during our stay and unfortunately it got squished. Bekki really tried to protect it but there were just too many small feet running around.

And sitting around the campfire with our buddies.

It was a great trip and when Larry asked me if I would do it again I only hesitated a couple of seconds before I said YES!

Things I will remember for next time:

Don't leave my headlights on in the van.
Wear more sunscreen.
Bring a battery operated pump for the air mattress.
Bring HEAVY DUTY tent stakes.
Check the ground for ants, sharp rocks & inclines before setting up my tent.
Don't share a tent with anyone.

And most important -- remember to laugh, even at the things that frustrate me. It makes the situation much more bearable.

I can't wait till next year.

July 6, 2009

4th of July

Saturday we went to Payson for a family reunion. It was so nice to be out of the scorching heat. I was too lazy to take any pictures -- I set my chair under a tree and for the most part just sat there enjoying the warm (not hot) weather.

After the reunion we met up with some friends to watch the fireworks. I loved how green everything was.

LeAnn & Natalia were prepared with flags, star bubbles & glow sticks. Thank goodness because I didn't bring anything.

Here are the boys playing a game of football before the show began.

And the guys just kicking back -- relaxing.

So many friends!

Once the fireworks began everyone settled down to watch the show.

Jaxson made a new friend. He kept calling Cass his buddy and wouldn't sit by anyone else during the fireworks.

As usual Jake was asleep before it was over.

We made the drive home afterwards so it was a late night for us but totally worth it. We loved the fireworks and loved being out of the heat. I think we might make this a tradition for our family.


Haley's softball team went to All-stars and took second place in the district. To be honest about it there were only two teams that competed in her age group but years from now when people are looking at that giant trophy they won't know there were only two teams!

They worked really hard practicing every night for two weeks to prepare. Haley really loves playing softball and has improved a lot this past season. She has learned how to play a new position, catcher, and is really good at it.

A little playing action.

She had excellent coaches and made a lot of new friends on the team. Overall it was a great season!

Great job Haley!