February 26, 2012

Mason 18 months

My baby is 18 months old today.

He gets to go to the nursery now in church.


I'm a happy mamma!

I love this little guy!

February 4, 2012

February Formal

The dress!

The shoes!

Finding a dress is usually pretty easy. Finding the perfect shoes for that dress...a nightmare! So we find this super cute dress at Forever 21. I told her to find shoes in her closet to wear. She wasn't too happy but she did have one pair that looked OK with it. She asked if I would take her to Payless and said she would use her own money. So I told her I would take her to ONE store and that was it. I was so not in the mood to hit every shoe store in town (which is what we usually do). And look at these adorable shoes we found! They look like they were made for the dress! LOVE THEM!!

Her good friend Jamie who did her hair for her.

Her date was Rigin Arnett. She loved it that she could wear her 3" heals and still be shorter than him!

They were so cute together and they had a great time!