May 31, 2011

Grapefruit Tree

Who knew that if you didn't pick the fruit off your tree it would get too heavy and snap giant limbs off? Well I didn't! And that's exactly what happened. Friday afternoon we noticed a large branch had broken off the grapefruit tree. I immediately thought the boys had been swinging on it and that's why it broke. After some angry words and serious chastising I made them cut it up and squish it into two green barrels. Then Monday morning I woke up to the rest of the limb lying on the ground. After talking to my neighbor who has several fruit trees I found out that you have to pick the fruit off each season. I would think that my landlord would fill us in on this little bit of information. Or maybe this is common knowledge and I'm just fruit tree retarded! So I spent an hour picking all the grapefruits I could reach off the tree. I also didn't know that grapefruit trees have very tiny thorns, almost like splinters that brake off in your skin and very scratchy branches. My hands and arms are all scratched up!

I lost about half of the tree. It makes me sad because if I would of known, just an hour or so of work would of saved it. Poor tree!

At least it was the backside that fell off. When you look out through the window you can't even tell its half missing.

We filled the garbage can about 2/3 full of grapefruits. Thank goodness it was trash day otherwise those grapefruits would of rotted real fast in this heat.

Nate wanted to save this one because it had a mohawk!

May 26, 2011

Mason 9 months

Here's my sweet 9 month old!

He weighs 23 lbs 3 ozs and is 30" tall. He got his first haircut, he sleeps at least 10 hrs every night and he has 5 teeth. He loves to eat and we're constantly giving him new foods. He likes everything! He's started throwing these little fits in his highchair when he wants more food. He clenches his fists and screams. It's sort of cute but he better stop that before he gets too much older.

He's crawling all over the place now and is pulling himself up on everything.

He loves playing with all the kids. I think he gets bored when he's alone...he thrives on chaos!

He is so fun to have around and the kids just love playing with him.

May 25, 2011

Kindergarten Graduatin

They sang a couple songs then presented each child with a certificate. Afterwards we had juice boxes and cookies. It was short and sweet...PERFECT!

After two years of kindergarten he's finally moving on to 1st grade. Routines & consistency work well for Jaxson. Change does not! So it'll be interesting to see how he adjusts to a new teacher. Wish him luck!

May 20, 2011

Year End

The end of a school year is always crazy. We've stayed busy doing all kinds of fun stuff!

Nate's Band Concert

Haley's Orchestra Concert

Haley's Piano Recital

And of course lot's of baseball...but that'll be another post!

May 14, 2011


I was sitting at the computer doing some blogging and Mason was on the floor playing. He started fussing and this is what I saw when I looked down. He was stuck! I don't know how he got in there to begin with. Being the good mom that I am I grabbed the camera instead of helping him.

He didn't need my help after all, just a little time to figure it out!

May 13, 2011


I sent my boys off this morning on the Father & Son's campout. Thirty hours of no boys WOOHOO! Well not really, I still have Mason but I don't think he really counts as a boy yet. He's not nearly loud enough, smelly enough, silly enough or annoying enough, at least not yet. I'm sure next year I'll be kicking him out the door with the other boys.

Haley and I have a movie and lunch planned with friends tomorrow and possibly dinner with friends tonight and I'm definitely looking forward to my quiet house!!!

I sent a camera with Larry but we'll see if he actually uses it. These might be the only pictures I get. I'll keep you posted!

What did I tell you...SILLY BOYS!!

May 10, 2011

Mason's 1st Haircut

We finally did it! Mason has needed a haircut for about 2 months and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It was so soft and it curled just behind the ears, I loved it! But it was really long. When it was wet it was down to his nose and he always had hair in his eyes. The funniest part was that he was close to bald in the back so he had the best comb over! Everyone always told me that he had a Donald Trump hairdo. Poor kid!

He had the perfect hair for ponytails! These were taken almost 2 months ago.

The day of.

He did really well. He didn't cry or fuss till the very end. He kept trying to look at the lady which made it a little hard but she was fast and the whole thing didn't take more than 10 minutes.

This one cracks me up, all the arms trying to hold him still.

All done!

I absolutely LOVE this picture. I forget who he was looking at but his smile and his two little teeth are precious!

It makes me a little sad because he looks older...more like a little boy than a baby. He's growing up too fast!

May 7, 2011

Pinewood Derby

This was Jakes last Pinewood Derby. He made a really cool looking car. His is #4.

He got off to a slow start. The first four races he came in last or didn't even make it to the finish line. Finally one of the officials told us to use different graphite on the wheels. WOW what a difference. He won the last four races after that. Too bad we didn't know about this "special" graphite at the beginning.

I'm just glad he won a few. Made him feel better too.

He won the award for best paint job!

His fans!

We've been doing the Pinewood Derby for 4 straight years. Next year we'll take a break and then the following year Jaxson will start.